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Website Support

We offer comprehensive website maintenance and support packages that cater to both startup websites and enterprise-level custom web or mobile applications.

Website Support Services

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is a crucial element in preserving a robust online presence and ensuring your brand consistently shines in the best possible way. At Bay Web Studio, we recognize the significance of keeping your website current, secure, and fully optimized. Our website maintenance services are crafted to guarantee that your brand’s digital storefront is perpetually in top form.

Website Audit

A website audit involves a comprehensive evaluation of your website’s performance, design, content, and functionality. Bay Web Studio offers professional website audit services tailored to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your online presence and identify areas where improvements can be implemented.

Website Value Proposition

Bug Fixing

While branding agencies typically concentrate on developing and elevating brand identities, they can also play a pivotal role in resolving issues when it comes to your brand’s digital assets, including websites and applications.

Website Security

Securing your website is a fundamental component of upholding a robust and reliable online brand image. At Bay Web Studio, we recognize the pivotal role that website security plays in preserving your brand’s reputation, instilling customer trust, and protecting sensitive data.


How much does a website maintenance cost?

Our website maintenance services are priced within the range of $10 to $100+ per month, and the exact cost depends on the extent of work needed to keep the website in optimal condition. The price may vary based on factors such as the complexity of the website, the frequency of updates, security needs, and additional services provided as part of the maintenance package.

What services you provide under maintenance contract?

We provide comprehensive website maintenance solutions that encompass all aspects of website management, including but not limited to content updates, bug fixes, security audits, and plugin and theme updates, among other services. Our goal is to ensure the smooth operation, security, and optimal performance of your website across all dimensions.

Do you host website?

Yes, we offer hosting services for all types of websites and provide round-the-clock technical and administrative support through email, live chat, and phone to address any issues or inquiries you may have. Your website's hosting and support needs are our priority.

Do you write content for website?

Certainly! We have proficient copywriters ready to collaborate with you, in conjunction with a project manager, to craft SEO-friendly content tailored to your website's needs. Your content will be optimized to enhance its search engine visibility and overall effectiveness.

Do you optimize website for SEO?

SEO is indispensable for becoming a part of the worldwide web and establishing a prominent online presence. After all, what's the point of creating a website if it cannot be discovered on search engines? Therefore, SEO is considered an essential add-on service that is included in every website package we offer. This ensures that your website is optimized for search engines, making it easier for potential visitors to find your online presence.

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