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In order find out what times we can offer you, we need to know a few things first.
We need to know if you are a first time visitor. If so, we need to you to fill out our patient registration package here.
By telling us what service you would like to book, we can see which therapist or doctor we can assign to you as soon as possible.
Lastly, we need some information on how to contact you. If you would like to add a note, you can let us know, too.
Once you have submitted that information to us, we will process your request and respond within 1-2 business days either by email or by phone.
And that’s it. Now let’s get started and fill out the form below. If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Click here to go to our support page.
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Here’s what happens next

After submitting your request with our online form, our frontdesk will be notified and our team will check the calendar to try and find the next possible appointments for you. You should receive a call or email from us either on the same day or the following day (during our opening hours).

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